Spring-summer hair trends 2019

Spring-summer hair trends 2019

With the spring that is slow to settle. What better than to change your mind to try to call the sunny days? If from season to season the hairstyle trends remain substantially the same, small details often subtle confirm that the styles evolve. Here is an overview of what will be on the program level hair look for the coming beautiful season! Here are the main hair trends spring-summer 2019!


flamboyant hair
The red still wins the palm of the hair color trend for spring 2019. It comes in several shades, from natural to copper through the blond Venetian. We do not hesitate to add golden highlights and even pink for flamboyant hair.

chocolate or copper highlightsBrowns are always popular and we dare to add chocolate or copper highlights. You can also bet on a natural brown or add red hair to stay in the tone of the season.

hair colorationsThe blonde, meanwhile, is still one of the stars of the hair colorations and all shades are allowed, even the very particular white polar blond that has been very popular for a few seasons.


long squareThe long square has been present for a few years, but this spring, its presence is felt more than ever. The proof: the most famous heads wear it with pride and style. Just think of the beautiful Irina Shayk, Bradley Cooper’s supermodel, and co-worker. Who hit the Oscar carpet with this minimalist hairstyle that is both classic and resolutely modern. It will be worn very straight, wavy or downright curly with intense curls. Since the bangs are also back in force. We can choose to integrate it to its square in the right version, “curtain”, that is to say on each side of the face or long range left or right.

long squareLong hair is also trendy, and like the square version, it is worn very straight or wavy with bangs or not. These hair lengths will allow styling these versions “wet”, tacked back as if returning from a swim at the beach. The buns type disheveled and if possible well mounted on the top of the head are also very popular.

long squareThe other star of the season is undoubtedly the pixie-style short haircut and even the famous “bowl” haircut that will give a look of vaguely 1960s nostalgia to your look. If you want to show that you are on the cutting edge of hair trends, know that the controversial “mullet cut” very popular in the 80s is back in force, but I admit that for the latter, it will really dare, because it is a style that you have to know how to assume! However, if this hair adventure tempts you, this cut has been revisited and modernized.

The accessories

The accessoriesThis is an easy way to change the look of his hair without going into the hands of the hairdresser. The accessories are ZE strong tendency to the radius of the hair this spring and one uses and abuses it. Be it the famous turban for a boho-chic style, the darling of our teens for a ponytail or a plastic clip to tie them, hair accessories are kings. The scarf is also a must because you can tie it in different ways in your hair.

The best of the best? The plastic bag of our childhood worn on the side. How do we choose it? Pearl or rhinestone and it’s even better if we superimpose 2 or 3!

So ladies, what trend for hair will make you crack this spring? For other hairstyles inspirations of spring 2019, I invite you to visit my Pinterest account.

long square hair trends 2019 flamboyant hair The accessories

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