Take care of hair loss in summer

The summer is one of the times where our hair can suffer more. Not only if we go to the beach or enjoy the pools, because of its salt and chlorine content. Also because the climate becomes drier, the heat and our hair can be weakened if we do not feed properly. The thing that, when leaving our routine can occur with ease.

That is why, if you are worried about the density of your hair, we recommend taking care of it even before the temperatures begin to rise. For that, we have AVEDA and its Invati Advanced range, with 98% natural ingredients as part of our hydration and reconstruction treatments.

Invati Advanced has an innovative formula with tangerine peel and fallopian japonica that favors natural hair keratin. In addition, it densifies instantly to help lift the hair on the root and scalp. It is highly indicated if you are looking to revitalize your hair or if you notice that you are losing hair due to breaks or the tension of some hairstyles such as braids, tight braids or extensions. As well is highly recommended if you are recovering your body after processes such as pregnancy.

Is it necessary to detoxify the scalp?

To know the state of your hair, nothing better than having our specialists. In our center, before recommending any type of treatment, we will analyze your hair, its situation and its risks depending on the time of year. Because obviously, you do not need the same treatments in winter, with cold and clothes that cover your head, that in spring or summer.

Because our job is not just to apply keratin treatments, repair or coloration. We also offer a capillary diagnostic service so that any task you ask us is always according to your needs and the needs of your hair.

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