Take care of your hair in Autumn

Take care of your hair in Autumn

The summer has just ended and you may still be suffering its consequences. Excess heat, chlorine from swimming pools and sea salt damage the health of your hair, which at the end of this period is usually much frizzier than usual, dry and with split ends. Given that, today we are going to give you a series of tips and recommendations before you decide to cut it off. It can be fixed!

Returning vitality to hair is essential and although you also decide to cut your hair to lessen the damage, of course, it is not a definitive solution. To solve the dehydration suffered by the hair, it is best to repair treatments without sulfates like those we did in. Our treatments with keratin are able to repair and regenerate hair and also, we will give you the appropriate advice so that, when you get home, you can keep it comfortable and easy.

To do this, you have to use the right products, such as a shampoo and a conditioner appropriate for your hair type. If they are formulated from components of natural origin, they will be even more effective and less harmful so we always recommend the products of any range of AVEDA.

Tips for the use of dryers and irons

In autumn, moreover, it is the time of hair loss. That, added to low temperatures can cause your hair to break more easily. So we have to take care of it with much care after these treatments and protect it for the arrival of winter.

Obviously, it is also essential to have a healthy diet and diet (at any time). Rich in vitamins, calcium, iron, and proteins. And of course, accompany it with a healthy way of life. In other words, avoid excesses; sleep properly and, as far as possible, try to be relaxed and without restriction. All this will greatly favor maintaining healthy and careful hair.

We must also be careful (at any time of the year) with not abusing dryers and irons. To prevent breakage, it is best to protect our hair with thermal protectors and moisturizing products. In this way, the damage will be reduced by the use of dryers, irons or chemical processes such as coloring. We recommend that, if you want to have smooth and hydrated hair, opt for straightening treatments with keratin, instead of ironing your hair regularly. In this way, you will have a treatment that will promote the health of your hair and also, you will save the heat damage (and obviously, you will avoid the cost of buying hair protectors).

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