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The best trick to make your hair shine on New Year’s Eve

We all love that our hair shine, that it looks beautiful and more on these dates. New Year’s Eve is an event to which we all want to go perfect, so we need to know the best tricks to be dazzling that night.

Today we are going to give you the best trick to make your hair shine on New Year’s Eve. I suppose you will not know the term “urawaza”, it comes from Japan, and we could say that they are “secret tricks”, and techniques that few people know and that are shared by word of mouth or from generation to generation.

One of the most heard urawaza is the trick of giving shine to our hair. We only need a daily product. And what is that product? It’s about the vinegar, a sour liquid that we all usually have in our kitchen.

The same day of New Year’s Eve, prepare this concoction and you will make your hair shine like never before. Go to the kitchen and look for a container where you can make the mix. We just need a little vinegar and water. Mix one part of vinegar with eight parts of water. Use if you want the basso of the blender since these usually have measurements. You will have to apply this preparation on all the hair after shampooing. From the root to the tips. Let it settle and clear up.

What will this trick do? The vinegar removes accumulated waste and closes the cuticles. This will give us silky, shiny and much less tangled hair.

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