The best tricks and masks for dry hair

The best tricks and masks for dry hair

Do you have dry hair? Do you notice that your hair is not hydrated? Surely you will find hundreds of treatments for dry hair in stores, but they are usually very expensive and, in addition, the effect is “lost” once we suspend or stop using it. Dry hair reappears and becomes a kind of “vicious circle” where it only looks cute while we are using that product.

Dry and lifeless hair can become a problem for people who want to wear super Elena. In addition, one of the results of dry hair is the flower or split ends, a common complaint among people with long hair.

It is possible that you were born with dry hair, but a person may have porous hair from birth or because it has been damaged by chemicals such as permanent and bleaching.

Attentive to these solutions to look silky and shiny hair. Say goodbye to dry hair!


The avocado is rich in fats that hydrate the hair. Apply after shampoo, starting with the scalp and massaging until you reach the tips. Put on a plastic cap and let it act for 10 or 15 minutes. Rinse Repeat once a week.


Put an egg in a small bowl and a spoonful of olive oil. Apply to the hair and let it act for at least fifteen minutes and a maximum of half an hour. After this time rinse with plenty of water and wash it with your usual shampoo.


Mix 8 tablespoons of hot castor oil with 8 large cloves of crushed garlic. Let marinate for 36 hours and strain. Massage the oil in the hair especially on the scalp and wrap the head with a towel. Let it act for an hour or more. Wash normally.

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