The most common problems in the hair

The most common problems in the hair

All women look for our hair to look cute, silky, shiny and healthy, but many times we do not achieve what we expect because there are several problems that can occur and that will make us see our hair dull, frizzy and lifeless.

Many of the typical hair problems are due to poor diet, stress or environmental pollution, among many other factors.


Hair loss can be attributed to different causes, such as dandruff, excess fat, and diseases of the digestive system, nervous system disorders, pregnancy, emotional problems, and infectious diseases. However, it is necessary to take into account that it is common that they drop or fall day, an average of 50 to 80 hairs, which is considered normal.

Solutions: the cause of this problem is the subject of study by a dermatologist. Therefore, the best thing is a query as soon as the problem is detected, if it is out of normal. If the fall is not serious, it is advisable to include vitamins A and B and natural foods with fatty oils in the diet.


Dandruff represents an imbalance in the natural process of removing cells in the scalp. People with dandruff remove dead cells from the scalp at a much higher frequency than normal. A large amount of detached cells causes a proliferation of microorganisms in the scalp. There are several theories about its cause, but in reality, it is not known what its true origin is.


  • You should keep your hair clean; if necessary you should wash it every day.
  • Disinfect your hair, using an anti-dandruff shampoo or lotion.
  • If you use an intensive treatment, do not do it for a long time because it irritates the scalp and more dandruff will form.
  • Includes foods rich in fatty acid such as cod oil.
  • Avoid fried foods, sugar, chocolate, eggs, and milk with fat.


Long hair can present much more dryness than short hair since it has gone through factors that affect it for a longer time. The dryness is mainly due to the factors that prevent the adequate sebaceous secretion (glands of the skin that secrete fat), although there are other external causes that can cause it like:

  • Inappropriate use of modeling products (gel, spray, lacquers etc.)
  • Excessive washing with shampoo.
  • Excessive and permanent discolorations too strong.
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Hormonal imbalances

Excessive use of electrical appliances (tubes, tongs, iron for straightening and the hand dryer at very high temperature).


  • Wash the hair with a shampoo and a deep conditioner, of good quality and suitable for this type of problem.
  • Take a balanced diet, which will provide you with the necessary nutrients to keep hair healthy.
  • If you are going to expose your hair to the sun for long hours it is recommended that you apply products to reinforce the natural defenses of the hair.
  • Apply light bulbs for this problem, every two weeks.
  • If you have too dry the tips, you better make a good haircut.

Oily hair

  • The causes of having greasy hair are usually internal and are influenced by three factors:
  • A diet rich in fats.
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Inheritance: genes contribute to having a greasy scalp.
  • Wash your hair very often if you already have it greasy.


You should not use a shampoo for oily hair if you wash it every day, since strong products, instead of avoiding fat, are the biggest cause of it.

  • It is important that you balance your diet.
  • Use a very light conditioner, but do not apply it to the scalp only on the tips.
  • When brushing you are spreading the oil from the scalp to the hair. When you feel your hair greasy and you do not have time to wash it, avoid brushing it a lot.

Lack of brightness

  • This problem begins with a bad diet, devoid of vitamins. Other factors that can cause it are:
  • The effects of the sun, the water in the pool and the sea.
  • Use inappropriate shampoo.
  • Brushing the hair sharply damages the cuticle.
  • Dry it with rough towels and the hard friction that can be done when drying it.


Make a treatment against this problem, once or twice a week; it will help you recover the natural balance of your hair.

Brush it before going to sleep which will stimulate the blood circulation of your head, something very healthy for the oxygenation of the hair.

Use special products that protect your hair from the sun when you go to the beach or swim.

You can apply a dye to give it shine, just make sure it is the same tone as your hair, and if possible it is made with natural products so you do not mistreat it.

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