The most demanded types of hair extensions

The most demanded types of hair extensions

Hair extensions are the quick and easy solution to a fleeting change of look. Converting your midi mane into a long mane is possible with the different types of hair extensions that exist in the market. Also, give your hair and your hair more volume. We tell you what are the hair extensions that we have at your disposal in our e-commerce Elegance Hair Extensions. Choose the one that best suits the change you want to make and the color of your own hair. The famous ones already use them, what are you waiting for? All types of hair extensions most in demand.

Natural clip hair extensions

Ideal for specific moments, for an event in which you want to look different. The only recommendation is that the natural hair on which they are going to be put reaches the height of the shoulders, to improve their mimicry.

Keratin natural hair extensions

Among the extensions preferred by those who want the union between hair and extension to be perfect. This fusion is achieved thanks to the keratin, allowing any hairstyle to go unnoticed. In addition, they are the ones that have more durability, being able to reach eight months, if they are properly cared for.

Adhesive natural hair extensions

One of the types that most demand in our e-commerce, for the ease of use. Just take a lock of hair the same width as the extension and glue them, removing the adhesive. For an optimal result we recommend to pass the plate below, so they are especially indicated for hair with a smooth base.

Hair extensions and much more

In our store, many prefer to buy natural hair extensions. This can be 100% Remy (the best quality, smooth, shiny and without tangles) or virgin natural hair. Both qualities guarantee long durability if given the required care, such as a daily brushing, hydration and moisture avoidance.

If you are looking for cheaper hair extensions, you can choose those that are made with As are the extensions of dreads, perfect for the most casual looks and available in all colors, even fantasy (red, lilac, blue and pink). All of them have a length of between 50 and 60 cm and you can choose those that best suit the color of your hair among a wide range of shades. In addition, you have different types of hair extensions attending to straight hair, wavy hair or curly hair. You also have in our online store California extensions if you are thinking of adding a few wicks to your hair only. OR fashionable hair dazzle, some bright strands to decorate your hair in the most special events.

Use hair extensions to change the look

As you can see a whole world at your fingertips to change your look quickly and without complications. In our store, you will find a wide range of options. All types of hair extensions, of all existing hair shades. Bet on extensions and start the year changing your appearance.

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