Tips for a fine and oily hair

Tips for a fine and oily hair

Having fatty hair and also fine, is a problem since it is the type of hair that has the most disadvantaged. It always seems to be dirty because of the brightness and it is hard to comb it and give it volume, so it is always usually tied.

But do not worry, solving it is very simple, starting with the shampoo you should use. I recommend two types, the first an anti-fat and regulating shampoo, which can be used every day because it is so soft.

And a special shampoo for oily hair, which you should use from time to time. If it’s brand better than better, I recommend you check it at your usual hairdresser. I say brand because they are the best composition to take care of your hair.

A trick, in the last rinse, adds the juice of two lemons, that being astringent will leave your hair more loosely and with more volume. And remember never to use very hot water as it tends to oil, even more, the hair.

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