Tips for putting extensions on short hair

Tips for putting extensions on short hair

Can you put extensions on short hair? Yes, of course, you can place extensions in short hair. From Elegance Hair Extensions we suggest you visit a hairdressing professional. It will advise you what kind of hair extensions you should use, as well as the number of extensions that you will have to apply according to the length of your hair and the state of your hair.

Extensions in short hair, before and after

You have cut your hair with a cut bob or a short hair and now you want to let your hair grow but lose its shape. Or you do not finish convincing the result. Then we recommend using permanent hair extensions to let your hair grow. At the same time, you will feel more comfortable with a desired and moldable length.

If your case is that you like to wear short hair daily. But you have a special occasion and you want to get picked up. In this case, we recommend the clip extensions, remove and put, you can place yourself. And with these hair extensions, you can make the desired hairstyle.

If you have a haircut bob or short hair, after placing the extensions ask your hairdresser or hairdresser to make layers in the hair extensions so you have a nice long hair layered. In this way, the first layer will be your natural hair length, and the rest of the layers will be made over the hair extensions. The layered cut will give more volume and movement to your new mane.

If you have it shorter, the hair extensions should also be placed at the top of the head. In this way, you will achieve that the hair extensions give uniformity to the mane.

Also, if you wear short hair because you have little hair or little volume, with the extensions you will gain length and volume at the same time.

Types of natural hair extensions

Among the variety of hair extensions we recommend you use extensions that are 100% natural Remy hair or virgin hair. In this way, you will achieve a very natural result, a shiny and silky mane. In addition, you can choose the color that best suits the tone of your hair. Or on the contrary, choose another color to give several shades to your hair.

Clip hair extensions

These extensions of natural hair are sewn on one end a small clip combs that you can easily place in your hair. Place the number of necessary hair extensions spread over your head. So that you get a uniform mane. Afterward, you will be able to comb your hair and make the desired collections such as braids, pigtails, bows or semi-shrunk.

Adhesive hair extensions

The adhesive extensions natural hair carry incorporated a system of adhesive bands 5 cm wide. In this way, they are placed in the line of your hair as a “sandwich”. Then apply a little pressure and up to 180 ° C maximum heat to get the best result in the placement. The adhesive on the strip is bioadhesive, so we guarantee that it will not damage your hair. In addition, these extensions are reusable, simply replace the adhesive strip. This variety of natural hair extensions are the recommended ones to place on the hair of fine hair.

Hair extensions with rings

This variety of natural hair extensions are presented in individual tufts. And they are made with a stick-shaped keratin tip. But in this case, heat is not applied in the placement system. If not join one end with a lock of hair with a ring that closes. In this way, resistant and invisible fixation is achieved.

If you decide to choose permanent natural hair extensions you should retouch them as your hair grows every 2 or 5 months.

If the length of your hair arrives to make a pigtail you can also choose hairpieces. In this case, you will find different types of pigtails and hair bows. They are easy to put on; they include two systems of placement, of hairnet or with clamp, to place on your ponytail.

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