Tips for straightening hair with an iron

Tips for straightening hair with an iron

The best way to keep your hair always smooth and care are undoubtedly the keratin treatments, like the ones we carry out. However, if you can not always do it, then to keep your hair straightened you will have no choice but to resort to the iron, with the risk that this entails in order to burn it, spoil it or lose faster the color we have.

Therefore, if you are one of those who smoot their hair with the iron, the best thing you can do is take into account a series of tips and follow our steps so that, when ironing your hair, the hair suffers as little as possible and stays healthy and care despite the heat.

The main thing is to have a quality iron. Do not skimp when it comes to buying a hair straightened since it will depend on the health of your hair. Many times it is better to spend something more and make sure that it will not spoil our hair as much as cheap irons. In addition, you will need a thermal protector to protect you as much as possible. It is also important to provide the nutrients you need in each bathroom so that when ironing it is strong. To do this, try to use masks a couple of times per week.

How to properly iron the hair

Before ironing, of course, we must first wash and untangle our hair with conditioner. Then comb it and let it dry. It is very important to never iron the hair when it is still wet. Since this way you run the risk of burning it unnecessarily since it is the moment in which your hair is more vulnerable and the damage will multiply considerably.

Once all this is done and with dry hair, when smoothing it, we must divide our hair into small strands, so the smoothing will be more effective. Remember that once you pass the iron for a strand; try not to do it again until it cools again. If it is a good iron, no more than two passes will be necessary.iron

As for the temperature, you have to choose it based on your hair. Do not get carried away by the numbers: do not think that the hotter the iron is the better it smoothes because it has nothing to do with it. Most plates, in fact, have options to adjust the heat precisely to suit all types of hair. For fine, dyed or damaged hair we will catch the lowest temperature it offers us. Around 160 degrees. For healthy hair, without color, about 180 and for coarse and unruly hair, we can opt for 230. But beware, only if you are healthy. No matter how thick it is, if it is damaged or if it has any coloring treatment, it is better to select 160ยบ.

When you have finished with all the strands, you can use some products to sublimate the shine and leave it looking more professional. In this case, you can use serum or some type of oil without fear. You will not lose the straightening. Of course, apply it from the middle to the tip, not from the root.

Following all these tips should not have problems to have a smooth and healthy looking hair. But we know how complicated (and expensive) it can be to accumulate so many products and spend so much time on your mane. We save you all that time and money with our keratin treatments to straighten your hair. If you have us, we guarantee that you will not need all this routine to always wear a smooth, shiny and perfectly hydrated hair.

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