Tips for summer

Tips for summer

Summer finally arrives! The most awaited time of year. Sun, travel, beach, pool, endless nights with friends … But it is also a great challenge for our hair. The heat, the sun’s rays, the chlorine, salt or the change of the food can change the appearance of our hair.

But we have good news! We know a series of tricks and products that will not make you lose a lot of time and will help you show off the perfect mane during the summer.

The first thing we recommend is to do a moisturizing treatment and a small cut of tips before going on vacation to give a chute of energy to our hair. Each hair is unique, so we encourage you to go through the room or call us to recommend the most appropriate to the circumstances of your hair.

As for skin care, for hair, there are product lines with sun protection to reduce the effects of the sun on your hair fiber.

Before: Before going to the beach it is important to use a line of products that provide extra protection and hydration to your hair. We recommend the line “Damage Remedy” for very damaged hair, “Dry Remedy” if your hair has a tendency to dryness and “Color Protect” if your hair has coloration. This way your hair will be prepared for all the adventures that the summer brings.

After: After exposure to water or sun we recommend products that protect your hair and avoid that in the “back to school” you have to cut centimeters more.

Protection: Protect your hair with “Sun Care Protective Hair Veil” creating an invisible film that protects the hair from the sun’s rays.

Cleaning: Clean your hair with “Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser” eliminating chlorine and salt from your hair.

Restoration: Restore your hair with “Sun Care After-Sun Masque” of the harmful effects of the sun with this fantastic mask.

Add texture: Add texture to your hair with “Texture Tonic Styling Spray” to shape your hair with a natural shine.

Finally, it is important to drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet and consume fruits to keep our body hydrated and healthy.

Thanks to these simple steps you can wear a healthy mane and protected all summer, and that the return operation does not pass a bill to your hair.

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