Tips to avoid frizz

Tips to avoid frizz

The arrival of cold and rain when summer passes is always appreciated. Who does not like a good storm when it’s not cold yet? However, this autumnal fall may not be very good for your hair. Because with the drop in temperatures and the increase in humidity that usually occurs in September, our hair may have a tendency to curl much more quickly.

Although it seems contradictory, our hair usually curls when there is a lack of hydration in the hair fiber. And normally, it usually happens when there is excessive humidity in the environment. It is in these cases when the scales open and you can notice a dull hair, rougher and much harder to tame. In these cases when it is advisable to have anti-frizz or anti-frizz products so that our hair stays as smooth as possible. But of course, it is always much better to undergo some treatment of this type so that the protection is more permanent and lasting.

Treatments for curled hair

Our anti-frizz treatments are specially designed for dry or damaged hair. They are composed of a combination of different pH proteins that help regenerate the hair leaving it completely recovered, soft and hydrated. This way the hair can recover the body and the shine that normally the lack of hydration produces. And the best thing is that this type of treatment is applicable to both straight hair and curly hair, without distinction.

Of course, after applying any type of treatment, always carry some maintenance advice, in order to maintain its effectiveness and above all, take care of our hair health. For example, you should brush your hair properly and regularly, so that the shine stays and the frizz keeps away from your hair.

It is also good to use products such as the AVEDA Smooth Infusion (applicable on damp hair), which will also provide softness and a feeling of lightness. Like the vast majority of AVEDA products.

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