Tips to have healthy hair every day

Tips to have healthy hair every day

If we want to take care of our hair, it is not enough to go every three months to the hairdresser; we have to have daily healthy hair care. Brush your hair at night, wash it with warm water… are some of the tricks that we can incorporate into our routine and that our hair will be very grateful.

Do you want to know the best tricks to have healthy hair every day? Let us begin!

Brush your hair at night. How you should comb your hair is super important, as this will condition the health of it. Philip B, an expert on hair, recommends combing hair between 10 and 20 strokes at night. Brushing exfoliates the scalp, removes traces of products, stimulates blood circulation, promotes growth and enhances its shine.

The water’s temperature. Do not wash your hair with the water burning. It is important to use warm water and even cold water. Cold water stimulates blood circulation and closes the cuticle, which results in brighter hair.

Repair your hair with oils. Not only is it enough to use masks or conditioners. We need treatments that hydrate us in depth to repair the hair fiber and break it. If you are a slave to the dryer or the plates or if your hair has been damaged by chemical treatments, the oil will help restore the hair fiber making it healthy again.

Unravel your hair by the ends. It is very important to untangle the hair dry, but the idea is to do it dry and gently, starting at the tips until you reach the root.

Use professional dryers and irons. Although we already know that the ideal is not to abuse these products, as long as you use them that are of quality. The big difference between a non-professional dryer and a professional one is the power. And is that a professional dryer helps reduce drying time, and therefore suffers less.

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