Tips to take care of the health of the dyed hair

Tips to take care of the health of the dyed hair

Dyed hair usually needs more care. They look much prettier, whether you have done a wicked work or full color, but in return, in their maintenance have to be much more careful. In addition, the chemicals present in the dyes can damage your hair or ruin it if you do not have enough care. It is one of the reasons we only use brands that ensure the health of our dyed hair, such as AVEDA dyes and products, made up to 96% with natural components.

But whether you use a natural coloration of AVEDA or if you have chosen another product of lower quality, the care is the same. And for that, we’re going to give you 5 basic tips:

1. To the extent possible, you must avoid the use of dryers and irons.

This is because the heat opens the cuticle and causes gradual discoloration of the hair in a faster way than the simple passage of time. Therefore, during the first two weeks after dyeing your hair, it is better to simply let it air dry and comb it with a brush. Do not spoil your color and your hair so soon!

2. Wash hair as little as possible and with cold water

As for ironing, we recommend waiting 2 weeks, for the first washing it is advisable to wait at least two days. Repeated water in our hair will also cause the pigmentation to be lost. The natural oils of the hair that are generated if we do not wash it favor the adhesion of the coloring pigments. Another important detail is that when washing it, we “check it out” and the action of the dye can be more aggressive for your hair. This happens, above all, with hot water. The temperature can also dry the hair for that, it is always better to do it with the coldest water you can.

3. With what type of water do you wash?

The water we use for the shower is usually hard and contains many minerals. These minerals can adhere to our hair. And for that reason, if you can put a filter in the shower to improve the quality of your washes and avoid these particles, you will be much better.dyed hair

4. Use the proper shampoo and protectors

Using chelating shampoo helps to remove minerals that may contain water if it is not of quality, as we have seen in the previous point. This optimizes the hydration of the hair. This is a very important aspect and that we should not confuse or associate with the water we use. GThe a greater amount of washes does not mean more hydration. We rely on the range of shampoos and specific masks for AVEDA hair color. Its effectiveness is proven: they guarantee to prolong the life of the dyes and keep their color alive. This will be good for your look but also for your hair health. The longer you keep it, the better.

5. Use thermal protectors

For total care of dyed hair, it is important to protect it from heat. We have already talked about reducing the use of dryers, irons and even water temperature. But you must also help with specific products. In this way, you can reduce the risks of heat on the hair and of course, better preserve the new color.

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