Trends in makeup for 2019

Trends in makeup for 2019

Autumn is coming we want you to be ready for him, do you know what he is going to wear in fashion and hairstyles? Today we bring you a look at the latest trends that the catwalks and the main events are bringing so that you are ready to face September.

The first thing to keep in mind is that contouring is a thing of the past. This season is strongly committed to skins with light textures and more natural faces. And the secret to achieving it is not in the makeup but in the care of the skin. Keep it hydrated and exfoliated to get a perfect foundation. Likewise, it is still wearing the no-makeup makeup, that is a subtle makeup technique that makes it look like you’re not even wearing makeup. This effect is achieved with beige, nude or warm colors. Just enough to cover the imperfections and unify your skin tone on the face. In the delineated different styles will be mixed. The classics with the originals and in different formats. In this aspect, it is committed to the variety: thick, thin, elongated and colored strokes.

How to make up in autumn?

As for the color palette you use, it must be monochromatic. The same range will be worn in eyes, cheekbones and lips. The most commonly used shades will be nude, pink or orange, with slight variations in metallic. Especially in the shadows. The raised, golden and bronze tones remain favorites.

The pink and orange eyes will be ideal for daytime makeup, realizing the skin. At night, it will be better to combine them with an intense delineation and perhaps some glitter. The eyebrows will remain thick, with a defined format and perhaps somewhat wider than last season. The key is in the profiling and the filling of the clearings. Help yourself with fixative gel in case you need it.

And for the mouth, the makeup of autumn 2018 bets on Matt and creamy finishes, with good definition and a blurred outline. It is sought that the mouth is a focus of attention impossible to ignore. Because in addition, the brands will bet on the shiny finishes accompanying the makeup in the mouths (and in the eyes). So the glitter and gloss will be present throughout the fall with total security.

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