Tricks to give volume to fine hair

Tricks to give volume to fine hair

Many people have fine hair, and although it can sometimes be beneficial, there are many complaints that we find when we want our hair look beautiful, healthy and strong.

There are many questions that make us, how can I get volume? How can I do so that I do not get stuck? What products to use to make it look nice? How to take care of it?

Today we are going to give you some tips to show you beautiful hair and to make it look like you have more volume.

Use extensions the extensions are great to give volume to our hair. Visually you will see more, and you will see a mane with an extra volume.

Use specific products to give volume. It seems obvious, but from now on it uses special products for fine hair, that leave the hair loose and do not cake it.

Untangle your hair with a silicone brush. Silicone brushes are great for fine hair. They untangle it without damaging it and are very comfortable to take on a trip.

The cut. The cut is basic for this type of hair. We do not recommend taking it long. Melina stockings or short manes are the best options. This will make your hair do not weigh, and break less. If you want it longer, bet on the extensions.

Drying. This is also an important step. Dry your hair with the head upside down and massage the root well so that your hair takes the desired volume.

Seawater. The sea water is great to give texture to your hair. They leave it a bit hard, but with a very natural look, and this makes you get more volume.

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