Tricks to make your hair grow faster and healthier

Tricks to make your hair grow faster and healthier

Are you more of long hair or short hair? If you are in love with long hair and you want to see your hair grow quickly … Keep reading! Do not forget that maintaining healthy hair is a matter of small habits, healthy routines that we must integrate into our daily care.

Take paper and pen and aim, because what comes next is going to become your infallible strategy for a hair of infarction.

Here are our 5 keys to a scandal hair:

1. The scissors, your best allyally

It seems contradictory: For my hair to grow faster, should I cut it? The answer is yes. Going to your trusted hairdresser every three months is going to be your number one strategy.

For hair growth, it is super important to keep the tips healthy and careful, preventing them from opening too much and having to cut more than what you wanted.

So, you know, cut the tips regularly and avoid going through a big cut earlier than desired.

2. Apply vegetable dye once a monthApply vegetable

The vegetable dye, applied with certain recurrence, immediately balances the health of the scalp, strengthening the roots of the hair.

In addition, the vegetable film that wraps each hair after the application of the dye achieves a protective effect of the hair. With this, hair is broken less easily and it is easier to get a long mane of radiant appearance.

Using masks and conditioners to care for your hair can help you get a prettier mane. However, just going a little further you will get the results you are looking for.

3. Start the change from your dietdiet

Our body nourishes the hair from inside, getting it to look great from the outside. Make sure you include all the necessary nutrients and vitamins in your diet. It is the secret key to maintaining a perfect mane! Here is a small list of 3 foods that take care of your hair while lifting your spirits.

4. Say NO to jerks

Brushing the hair is essential so that it stays healthy. Avoid brushing brushes, capillary fibers are very sensitive and easily damaged.

Choose a brush with whole barbs, preferably wood and wide base. It will be much easier to untangle the hair without breaking it. Dedicate the necessary time to this little ritual, your hair will thank you!

Finally, we want to remember some of the FALSE MYTHS about the hair we must erase from our mind:

We all want to get the most out of our hair and we bet on top hairstyles. But remember that a tight ponytail will weaken hair for a long time.

While it is true that hair loss shampoos are effective, washing your hair daily with them will not make you grow faster. So remember: ” Less is more ” and avoid throwing large amounts of product to your hair.

Sometimes we avoid drying our hair thinking that this way we will keep it healthier. Actually, leaving your hair wet for a long period of time is not good for your hair or, indeed, the roots.

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