Tricks to take care of your bangs

Tricks to take care of your bangs

We love fringes, they give us strength, personality, they bring movement to our hair and in general, they are daring, modern … but there is a “but”, which is that they demand special care, more cleanliness, and always perfect.

Bring the fringes always perfect, is not always possible, therefore, we have to resort to some tricks, which will make us at least hold more hours of the day in their position and with the same appearance.

  • If you have oily hair does not give up the fringe. Use a dry shampoo. It works wonders and will keep our hair clean and fat-free all day long.
  • The use of sun cream on the face also affects our bangs. It messes up and puts that feeling of oily hair. When you are going to use this type of cream, use a bandana or handkerchief, in this way, it will not get dirty.
  • A trick with which you will get very good results is to wash it daily with a mild shampoo. With a couple of minutes is enough and you will notice the difference.
  • One of the most common hairdressing tips to take care of the bangs is always to have a combat hand. Either by the humidity or by the daily hustle and bust, the fringe can lose shape.
  • Hairdressing professionals recommend making small touches every two weeks to shape and prevent hair from getting damaged.
  • To avoid having to deal with a fringe that surrenders to the effects of the weather, pass the straightening iron after drying it.tricks

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