We teach you how to make hair polish

We teach you how to make hair polish

It is difficult to get a natural shine in our hair, many products do, but the effect lasts only a few hours and it is not enough, at least for me. That’s why I found a lotion, which gives us the shine we need.

In addition, being a natural shine, it lasts much longer and if we use this lotion regularly, our hair will recover its shine, permanently, in my opinion, is something that I love, especially for women with dark hair.

We need a banana and a half, five tablespoons of honey and two oranges. Both fruits have essential vitamins to nourish and give life to our hair, honey, on the other hand, softens and revives the natural shine that it possesses.

Chop the banana and remove the juice of the two oranges, we must beat both fruits, adding the honey. We must use it before washing, wet the hair and apply the mixture, giving a good massage. We must let it act for two hours, after which we should only wash as usual.

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