What care do balayage wicks need?

What care do balayage wicks need?

The balayage wicks are perfect for shades of color in our hair and provide a natural finish. It is more than a simple fashion look. Balayage provide volume shine and, above all, enhance hair movements. In this way, a favorable and intense image change is achieved without much work. All without losing the natural essence.

To perform them we study the reflections in the hair. So we can beautify any type of face. In addition, combining balayage wicks with contouring principles, our stylists will be able to better highlight the most flattering features of your face thanks to brightness and color techniques. These concepts, added to the use of the volumes to emphasize the points of attention in our face ensures impeccable results.

But once you have your spectacular balayage wicks, your task begins maintenance.

Care of balayage wicks

Balayage coloring is a non-aggressive technique with hair. Just look for light and movement in the hair. This makes it possible for their care to be less than with full-color treatments. However, you have to be careful in some aspects.balayage

The main thing is to choose the products to take care of our hair. A set of products with shampoo, conditioner, and masks are essential to protect our hair, not only when we have it dyed but throughout the year. We only rely on AVEDA products for this purpose. The sets of the COLOR CONSERVE range is ideal to care for your dyed hair throughout the winter. This range of daily use protects and prolongs the color of hair dyed or with wicks. In this way, it will remain with a more vibrant and bright look for longer, thanks to its 100% organic formula that prevents external agents from degrading it.

In summer you have to pay even more attention if you can use the right protection. Also in case of having our balayage wicks, it is advisable to avoid swimming pools (because of their chlorine content) or the beach, by agents such as sand or salt present in the water. If you have done some balayage wicks in summer, the best option to cool off is to do it with a bathing cap to protect your hair.

In the same line, we must avoid excessive heat, that is, do not abuse dryers or irons. In this case, if in addition to the balayage wicks you perform a keratin treatment, you will not have the need to straighten your hair to look smooth and shiny. That will avoid much of the damage.

And of course, treat it carefully. Sudden movements or jerks can damage your hair. Opt for a brush with natural bristles when combing it and avoid doing it when wet. Following all these steps, you will have no problem to look beautiful and bright all year.

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