When to use hairspray, gel and foam for hair

When to use hairspray, gel and foam for hair

If your talent is not the hairdresser and you still wonder when it is more appropriate to use lacquer, gel or foam in your hair, or you are afraid of products that can dull the shine of your hair, what we tell you may interest you. How to choose between so many products that there is currently in the market? It sounds absurd but it does not seem a priori, easy task.

Gel, lacquer, and foam have different applications, depending on the effect you are looking for your hairstyle. The gel is the ideal product for modeling short hair and modern cuts because it allows you to fix and mold with your fingers to your liking. How the boys do. In long hair, it is used specifically for stubborn tufts because it can take away movement of your hair.

In addition, the wet effect lifts a hairstyle of short hair, but it does not have to favor in a long hair. It is put with the wet hair and then the comb is passed. The lacquer reminds us of grandmothers and mothers, but it is the fixative par excellence, as gel has variants. Soft so that the mane does not lose naturalness and movement, or extra fixation for fancy hairstyles or elaborate bows.

The lacquer is sprayed at a prudent distance of approximately twenty centimeters and is a friend of events and parties because it is still maintained with hurricanes. Finally, the foam is the best friend of the volume or the curly hairs of ringlets with little body or lackluster. It is also put on damp hair and then molded with the hands or with the diffuser dryer, with the hair down.

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