Which hair color to choose: chestnut, red, mahogany?

Which hair color to choose: chestnut, red, mahogany?

It is sometimes difficult to find the right hair color. Fortunately, the shades of chestnut, red and mahogany go to many women.

Your natural hair color you like but you want to energize a little? You can opt for a color that will give your hair beautiful reflections. To know which nuance to choose, you must take into account different criteria. Your complexion, the hue of your hair and your eyes are good indicators. Choose your color for hair. If you have a golden complexion, know that a caramel or mahogany hair color will be particularly good for you. Paler skin types will opt for a light brown or chestnut hue.

Trendy hair color in shades of brown and copper

Thus, it will not do too much contrast with the clarity of their skin. The dull complexions can easily adopt a brown or red hair color. The best is to opt for a permanent hair color that will keep its luster for a long time and will only fade gradually as shampoos. In addition, it will hide your white hair. Among the spring-summer 2019 trends, gold, copper and red hues are still popular. Your hair color kit will allow you to adopt these shades without having to spend a fortune at the hairdresser. Easy to apply, this type of coloring is ideally organic and without ammonia.

Garnier Olia Vivids Permanent Hair Color Red

Very beautiful hair color without ammonia enriched in natural oils of flowers (the coloring cream contains 60% of oil). Its red tint flatters golden skin and its unique formula guarantees softness and shine.

Organic chocolate coloring care Logona

To protect your scalp but also the environment, organic hair colors are safe. This dark brown color with copper highlights is enriched with organic plants of Indian origin.

Permanent color Icy brown Garnier Olia

One of the hair colors of 2019 is the iced chestnut. This variant of the chestnut gives very beautiful shades to the hair. Garnier Olia stain is ammonia-free and protects the hair fiber from drying out.

A henna mahogany hair color

Henna is a natural product that gives a beautiful mahogany hue to the hair. In addition, it cares much softer for the hair than the artificial colorations. It gives highlights, shines the hair and also has a purifying effect.

Permanent Hair Color Mahogany Copper L’OrĂ©al Paris

Get a beautiful mahogany hair color with L’Oreal. This coloring product does not attack your hair and takes care of the scalp. Easy to apply, it makes hair shiny and gives them beautiful coppery highlights.

The colors of chestnut, mahogany, red and caramel hair are certainly not going to go out of fashion. Easy to wear, they are suitable for all women who want to give their hair nice reflections without drastically changing color or discoloring. In addition, many products are very easy to apply and do not damage the hair.

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