White hair: how to get back to the natural color

White hair: how to get back to the natural color

 the natural colorTired of having to do the coloring every month to cover the white hair? Are you ready to show them? But you’ll have to be patient: the transition period is, in fact, a bit ‘long, but the result will not disappoint you.

To find the natural color, whatever it is, we must face the moment when the roots will make their appearance. To avoid having a too marked contrast it would be useful to cut the hair, thus reducing the colored hair as much as possible. A cutting boule, for example, could be for you. Since the tips are the most sensitive part of the hair, the ideal would be to cut it a lot so that the hairdresser can work more easily on the hair.

Your hairdresser can also clean the hair to reduce the difference between the white roots and the tips. “For blackberries, which have a dark or medium base, you can lighten the color so that the contrast between dark and white hair is less pronounced. This will allow us to wait a little longer. If the hair is already clear. The best solution is instead to make the streaks. From Jean Louis David we do what is called Contrast. A technique that allows to partially hide the white hair and hide them in the middle of the hair.

In any case, do not think that dyeing the entire crown of hair is a good solution. Quite the contrary. “To obtain a completely white hair, you should discolor the hair, which would therefore be affected. And then you would never be able to get a white like yours. Aesthetically you would risk having a weird result!

During the transition period, it is better to go regularly to the hairdresser. First of all, to take care of the cut. “If you’ve made the wise decision to cut your hair, an appointment every 2 months or 2 and a half months is enough. The more you cut your hair, the more you can clean it up and make sure that the contrast is less obvious.

At home, he occasionally uses an anti-yellowing treatment and takes special care of half lengths and tips using shampoos and colored hair masks.

Our advice:

White hair does not need special care, except because it tends to turn yellow. So if you notice that your completely white hair has this tendency. Use an anti-yellowing treatment every three shampoos and alternate with treatments suited to the specific nature of your hair.

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