Why does hair curl Everything you did not know

Why does hair curl Everything you did not know

If there is something that we hate a lot, it is that our hair gets curled. Whether due to humidity, or the climate of our area, our hair tends to curl easily. If you are tired and want to show off beautiful hair without frizz, watch today’s post. Take note because you can do something!

You’re going to be plaid if I tell you that the hair does not curl because of the humidity, or because of the water, if not because of the lack of it. When the hair is dry it is when it curls. Why? Because of the lack of water in our hair causes it to open and the hair fiber to expand looking for moisture. And why in wetter areas do we notice frizz? Because when it rains or when we are in coastal areas, the humidity is higher and the hair looks for it. That is, when it rains, your hair looks for the water that it lacks.

How to prevent this from happening Use specific masks and shampoos that hydrate the hair in depth. Another option is to use oil. The oil creates a kind of barrier so that the hair does not open in this way and nourishes it deeply.

Take care of your hair during the year, do not use the dryer or irons a lot, and always have a good anti-frizz product at hand. You will always have a super mane.

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