Why my hair does not grow anymore?

Why my hair does not grow anymore?

hair growAt certain times in life, it seems to you that the hair does not grow anymore. In reality, it is not so, it is only an impression. What to do in these cases? How to restore a touch of energy to your hair? The professionals explain to you.

Only dysregulation or an illness can prevent hair from growing. “Otherwise the hair always grows. You simply do not realize it because they grow slower.

Who has fine hair he is particularly impressed by this impression? “Fine hair is more sensitive to external elements and struggling more to become long. They get damaged as they grow and remain therefore at the same length for a while. Sometimes they need three or four times more time to grow. In addition, as they are consumed, they systematically cut them to make sure they are always in shape. It is, therefore, more difficult to have long hair “.

Know that not all hair types can reach the same length. “Each of us has a hair called” ideal “and this is not the same for everyone. Some manage to get the hair up to the hips, others only up to the middle of the back. The Indians have particularly beautiful hair and they grow quickly. However, it is rare to find hair of more than 80 cm, even in India “.

Our advice:

Think of vitamins when you have the impression that your hair is not growing and is sensitized. Certain vitamins, like vitamin B6, make hair stronger and promote growth.

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