Will you be a wedding witness? hairstyles for the occasion

Will you be a wedding witness? hairstyles for the occasion

Have you been invited as a wedding witness? Choose an elegant hairstyle that allows you to enhance your face and hair.

We will show you the most beautiful and appropriate hairstyles for the occasion.

We all know that the testimony of the bride has an important role, which we must take into account both when choosing the dress and when choosing the right hairstyle.

Because it will not be enough to wear an elegant dress and go quickly to the hairdresser to put the hair in the crease, not in this case. We should try to distinguish ourselves from the common guests, a bit like the mother and the sisters of the bride. That’s why today we want to focus on the most elegant and sophisticated hairstyles suitable for the wedding witness. Here are many ideas to be inspired!


Let’s start with a very natural semi-collected, not too formal, but ideal for those who have long hair. Those with wavy hair clearly have an advantage, because the crease will last longer, those with straight hair will have to use a good product to fix the waves. This is definitely a hairstyle that you can easily do.COLLECTED VINTAGE


It was the 20s; it was the time of spangles and flapper girls. This hairstyle has a natural look and is also ideal for those with a round face, precisely because this soft strand sweetens and accompanies the profile of the face.


Braids have become a necessity. We use them at all times and at any time of the day, but with the necessary precautions. One thing is the hairstyle that we weave quickly to go to the gym; another thing is a real hairstyle with attention to every detail, ideal for the witness of the wedding. It is a very chic and natural collection made with braids of different sizes fixed with a few forks almost randomly.

The final effect is really beautiful, but it is definitely a hairstyle that requires a certain type of dress and a very precise look. We imagine it combined with a beautiful long floral dress that falls gently on the silhouette.CHIGNON ALTO


The bun is a classic and like the braid is one of those hairstyles that lends itself to several occasions of use, precisely because it can be done in many different ways, even without the help of the expert hands of the hairdresser, as in this case. It is a very high chignon that perfectly combines both a very simple appearance and a very elaborate dress.


A variation of the previous hairstyle. In both collected the bun looks more natural, probably because of the volume and the recoil, but at the same time more elegant. Two similar hairstyles, but in the hairstyle on the right this bun has a more vintage flavor, also for the lock, to the left instead we face a slightly more cheerful hairstyle. In short, it’s about taste.SIMPLE CHIGNON


Another interpretation of a classic pickup. A bun of medium height, not very high or very low, very natural and well defined which contrasts harmoniously with the tuft slightly padded and combed back. This is also a hairstyle that you can do yourself if you have a bit of manual skill with a brush and a hairdryer.


A picked up does not always have to have a classic and formal aspect, it is not sure that to be elegant you have to show off a rigorous and well-crafted hairstyle. Both hairstyles, for example, focus on the natural volume of hair that accumulates at the nape of the neck, maintaining a very soft appearance. If necessary, we can use jewelry combs or fake flowers, as in this case, to finish the hair and make it more refined.


Those who have wavy hair and look for a gentle pickup always have a minimum of advantage over those who have straight and thin hair. This type of hairstyle gives especially to those who have wavy hair by nature because it manages to maintain the authenticity that we must inverse to build meticulously filling the hair with lacquer.

It is a collection that focuses on the volume especially in the front, while in the back is almost completely flat, probably that is why flowers were used to finish the hairstyle. An ideal hairstyle for a young witness of the wedding.


These two collected focus, although differently, on the volume and are undoubtedly ideal for those who have light hair, but eventually can focus on a degraded effect to highlight the hairstyle. On the left a very cotton hairstyle, on the right a perfect hairstyle for those with curly hair with very well defined waves.


Two very simple and minimalist hairstyles, one low cut and one high, although very similar, topped with colorful flowers on the back. On the left, a hairstyle that looks more like a haircut, on the right a very similar hairstyle ideal for those who have wavy and thin hair, the flowers, in this case, serve to give volume to the hairstyle.


And who does not like the ones collected? You can bet on something different and the alternatives are mostly two: the braid or a ponytail. The braid certainly has a more romantic flavor and a bon ton than a ponytail will probably never have. And the lateral braid is definitely the most suitable for a ceremony, but it is up to us to decide what the style of this hairstyle should be, choosing the type of braid. As you can see, both are two spiky braids with the difference that one is thicker and tidier and the other more natural and disheveled.


Do you prefer a spiky braid or classic? In fact, anyone would have thought that the classic braid was too common for a witness, but this depends on the length of the hair and the accessories with which it is decided to embellish it. On the left, a semi-gathered that focuses on a spiky braid, a hairstyle that could enhance a beautiful empire-style dress, on the right a romantic braid adorned with small roses, which instead imagine in a long and soft dress Nude color that gently envelops the silhouette to the feet.


These two hairstyles are definitely more formal in spite of their soft and voluminous step and are ideal for those who prefer compound and highly requested hairstyles, it is no coincidence that both models wear very precious earrings. Surely the previous hairstyles had a more genuine and cheerful look. These hairstyles for wedding witnesses combine perfectly with that classic concept of elegance that has a high expressive value of formality. They are ideal for young women, but also for women.


Another collected very elegant and sophisticated, designed for a woman with an impeccable elegance that even combines the accessory for the hair with the jewelry that wears. A very simple general hairstyle, but classic and composed.


To some, it will seem a too natural hairstyle, a little like the one we use every day. But the truth is that not everyone is comfortable with a pickup or a hairstyle too formal and orderly. If you have curly hair, you have an extra advantage, because you can afford to wear that hairstyle leaving your hair loose and simply making the waves more defined. The lock can be returned, fixed with lacquer and hairpins creating a volume that harmonizes well with the curls.


As already mentioned, not everyone loves hairstyles that are too ordered, precisely because they run the risk of even looking ordinary. This collection has two strong points, on the one hand, it has a very classic look, on the other hand, it has these strands that escape and make it easier. A very simple hairstyle ideal for those who have an oval face, enhanced by these large flowers that give a romantic and bucolic touch.


The hairstyles for the wedding witness do not end here, here are two very similar styles and perfect for those who already have a natural movement. Sideline, soft strand with lateral tweezers and a bouquet of curls with a few hairpins. The strong point of these hairstyles? Definitely, the volume that makes everything more striking.ORIGINAL HAIRSTYLES


Two very original hairstyles, but this time diametrically opposed, to inspire. On the one hand, the rigor of a well-stretched and well-defined collection, with a bun that unites naturally the hair combed back, able to sweeten even the most angular facial features. On the left a very natural and childlike hairstyle that focuses mainly on the front, well folded, while the length of the hair follows a very natural course.

So the possibilities are many and different for us and we have tried to give you an idea, but the choice of the right hairstyle depends on many factors: the style of the dress, the accessories you use, the hair type and also your personal tastes.

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